Highlights Villarreal CF vs Atlético de Madrid (0-2)
Atlético de Madrid return to winning ways with a 2-0 victory at the La Cerámica Stadium thank to an own goal of Pedraza and a goal of João Félix #VillarrealAtleti Matchday 25 LaLiga Santander 2020/2021
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  • Tharun Raaj Nithiya Prakash
    Tharun Raaj Nithiya Prakash

    Ai bro that save from Oblak is absolutely ridiculous

  • Hayme

    This match is peak football.

  • Jorge Vieira
    Jorge Vieira

    Felix so good

  • Unknown ?!?!
    Unknown ?!?!

    Oblak>Ter stegen


    gd game yes great gk Atletico sound as ever

  • Alvaro D
    Alvaro D


  • Renaldo Matadeen
    Renaldo Matadeen

    Pau and Moreno are such average players for Villarreal

  • erika quiroz minero
    erika quiroz minero

    Buuuuuu altlico madrin

  • AbodboX HD
    AbodboX HD


  • Commander Fox
    Commander Fox

    7th of march will intresting since there will be manchester and madrid derby

  • Hrvoje Bohač
    Hrvoje Bohač

    0:37 I was waiting for moreno to score for lots of money.... Wasn't that at least a penalty oblak holds moreno from scoring he would surley got before koke if wasn't for oblak

    • Hrvoje Bohač
      Hrvoje Bohač

      @Sidemen fc what ain't true bro u think I lie why would I lie but right that's not a penalty after all but it looked for me like. It is when I saw it the first time being still hot head

    • Sidemen fc
      Sidemen fc

      Ain't true bro

  • weingerl branko
    weingerl branko

    CLOUD NUBE OBLAK🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍😍🐐🐐🐐🐐

  • Jack Gould
    Jack Gould

    si joao

  • Tyros Zico
    Tyros Zico

    Big win against a tough boggie team

  • Regős Levente
    Regős Levente


  • Noraphat Wechpanich
    Noraphat Wechpanich

    กล้ามาก เก่งมาก ขอบใจ

  • Daniel Fuentes
    Daniel Fuentes

    Nice saves

  • Omed Saed
    Omed Saed


  • Brahbe Temerel
    Brahbe Temerel

    FELIX - ATLETICO, MBAPPE - REAL, HAALAND -BARCELONA. this is the future !!!

  • Aurora Henelius
    Aurora Henelius


  • Gargola18

    This channel is extremely lazy..it doesn't reflect good on you

    • Your Average Passer-By
      Your Average Passer-By

      @Gargola18 tf are you talking about. The commentator is English

    • Gargola18

      @Your Average Passer-By that's just the Spaniards accent. Horrible accent.

    • Your Average Passer-By
      Your Average Passer-By

      Ikr. The dude talks like he's reading a book. I'd love to get paid to do his job

  • Jamal Kurdeih
    Jamal Kurdeih

    هنيئا الى اتلتكو مدريد

    • Jamal Kurdeih
      Jamal Kurdeih

      اتلتكو مدريد مستعد قبل مواجهت ريال مدريد

  • Vani 333
    Vani 333

    It's funny how Atlético got away with a red card for Lemar! Plus a penalty in favor of Villareal. Refs are really helping Diego Simeone win this year...

    • h

      You are a troll 🤡 where's the penalty ? And where's the red ? That elbow wasn't intentional clearly the Villareal player stood his ground to impede Lemar from going fwd since he didn't get to the ball. The only ones with ref help are real & barca

    • Vani 333
      Vani 333

      @Erich Von Manstein 🙈🙈 you won. Stop already

    • Erich Von Manstein
      Erich Von Manstein

      @Vani 333 Like they destroyed Real Madrid?)

    • Vani 333
      Vani 333

      @Tommy Shelby clearly threw an elbow. That's not intentional..

    • Vani 333
      Vani 333

      @D John okay little buddy..

  • 대니언 Vlog Tv
    대니언 Vlog Tv

    펠릭스 굿뜨~~!

  • ahmedsafaa1000

    Oh wow they actually attacked and didn’t play the 6-3-1 they did ha chelsea

    • Kerim Hrustanovic
      Kerim Hrustanovic

      That's because they didn't have a right back versus Chelsea. They had Vrsaljko back for this game and now Trippier is back.

    • Divhead

      No we didn't we only had few chances the rest of the game was defence :)

    • Efren Gonzalez
      Efren Gonzalez

      That wakeup call was needed

  • Виталий Корабельников
    Виталий Корабельников

    Все понятно, зенит чемпион

  • To ReĐa
    To ReĐa

    #Messi♥️🇦🇷 #Salah♥️🇪🇬 #Ziyech❤🇲🇦 #Mahrez♥️🇩🇿 #Younis♥️🇮🇶

  • Daniel Reyes Villarte
    Daniel Reyes Villarte

    Congratuletions Atlético. Hay que mejorar un poco.

  • bonkerzisgood

    That one handed save from Oblak is ridiculous

    • NJRwawes 20
      NJRwawes 20

      You are ridiculos

    • Gazton Knuckles
      Gazton Knuckles

      @Oussema more like the best gk in the world

    • Oussema

      @Cristiano Ronaldo you don't hear people talking about Oblak the way they talk about Ter Stegen or Neuer or Courtois

    • Cristiano Ronaldo
      Cristiano Ronaldo

      @Oussema definitely not underrated

    • bonkerzisgood

      @gngh ngnvbnb Never

  • Nicole Geyer
    Nicole Geyer

    At 00:38 minute / second, I'd like to see the referee's face when he watches the replay !

  • julen hs
    julen hs

    Esto es la liga española y los comentarios en ingles lamentable

  • XR

    If Atletico beat Real Madrid in the derby Atleti are winning La liga


      @Dawid yeah you are right my spacebar wont work at times

    • Dawid

      @MUHAMMAD NAAHIL MAMMASRAYILLATH NOUSHAD is your space bar broken wtf is this comment


      @Abdul Houthi well barca is stillin the race tho.....cant confirmanything yet......if the madrid derby ends upin draw and barcawins nxt match....thn barca and real will be only 3 points behind atleti......i dont thinkatleti will wincoztheyhave many hard matches lik....barca,real madrid , bilbao , betis , sevilla etc...while barca andreal have much easier matches......so cant confrm anything

    • Igor D
      Igor D

      @Abdul Houthi madrid has to play barca, real sociedad and sevilla

    • Abdul Houthi
      Abdul Houthi

      but remember Atletico must play against Betis Sevilla Bilbao away

  • Mark Lundie
    Mark Lundie

    Atletico will win it! Will be good for la liga. From a Sevilla fan.

    • Sanel Videoz
      Sanel Videoz

      Partido a partido

    • Sofa king Your nan
      Sofa king Your nan

      @Abdul Houthi That's a big if,I think Real madrid will comfortably win over Atletico Madrid like the last time


      @Abdul Houthi nah bro cant say......if atleti again drops in form thn barcaand realaint tht behnd tocatchup.....in my opinion barca will win cozinlaliga they r in superb form while atleti dropped 7 points fromlast 12 ....and rma having toomuch injury issues

    • Abdul Houthi
      Abdul Houthi

      @Sofa king Your nan if they lose tomorrow they cant

    • Sofa king Your nan
      Sofa king Your nan

      Real madrid are going to win in my opinion

  • Haziq Exrimah
    Haziq Exrimah

    trust me felix will become starboy... he's incredible on his own passion 💪

    • Flavio Tomas
      Flavio Tomas

      @Ігор Мельник is felix griezmann no does griezmann have more experience as a player yes

    • Ігор Мельник
      Ігор Мельник

      @Flavio Tomas the same things were told about Griezmann...And what has he shown in Barcelona? Nothing if compare to his period in atletico😉

    • Flavio Tomas
      Flavio Tomas

      @Haziq Exrimah well felix isnt Suarez and Suarez isnt felix different players and styles of play felix suits more an offensive side

    • Flavio Tomas
      Flavio Tomas

      @Ігор Мельник lollll yg what i mean like they dont attack as much like a real madrid or a barca felix is better on an offensive side than a defensive one

    • Ігор Мельник
      Ігор Мельник

      @Flavio Tomas just defends? If they just defends, how can they be on the first spot right now?

  • The Legend Richie
    The Legend Richie

    Onto a winner title 11 coming to Atletico Madrid

    • jamali11_ _
      jamali11_ _

      I hope so

  • Dr Rasso
    Dr Rasso

    LESIÓN DE PEDRI itmores.info/player/video/ynt606F5fsqBbtI

  • Rui Latas
    Rui Latas

    Félix is a beast, the kid just needs his form allright, as he came 2nd half... He almost changed the game in his way.

    • Rui Latas
      Rui Latas

      @Kerim Hrustanovic Yeah they started the season more offensivly, but would they rather lose trippier and carrasco or Félix? Whenever Félix plays atleti mostly wins, when he touches the ball he's doing magic, he scores, he creates, he's dangerous, even if he plays badly ... No one has every single game by its hands, of course trippier and carrasco being injured its bad, very bad... But it would be worse if Félix was injured, and they saw that when he really was and had covid 19, the results... Now he's back and they're winning many games.

    • Kerim Hrustanovic
      Kerim Hrustanovic

      @Rui Latas this is not the way they've played this season, they only switched when they lost Trippier and Carrasco, two vital players.

    • Rui Latas
      Rui Latas

      @Kerim Hrustanovic How can he do it? He's playing on a team where their strategy is, to defend and counter-attack as much as possible, they keep the ball much less time than teams who play on attacking possession like Barcelona, City whatever... Simeone's tatics are similiar to Mourinho's but well Mourinho's better coach in my opinion.

    • Kerim Hrustanovic
      Kerim Hrustanovic

      Felix needs to take more initiatives and drive the ball forward

    • Rui Latas
      Rui Latas

      @João Raposo I think that with their talent and current form+chemistry(Dias, Cancelo, Silva,Ederson) plus elite players like De Bruyne, Gundogan, Rodri, (not to despise Saul or Koke they're great but it isn't the same, and the rest are as good to average... As Llorente is having a very nice season and Carrasco too, but we know how la liga this current season is) alongside Agüero/Jesus assisting the wings to the quickness of Sterling and the flair of Mahrez, they could be high rated contenders to win the Champions league!

  • Guga

    Cadê Suárez?

    • LusitanoDeGema

      Jogou mas não conseguiu marcar

  • Michael Humphrey
    Michael Humphrey

    Well I bet Luis Suarez is happy to no longer be at Camp Nou. 😁

    • detta clan
      detta clan

      But messi is not happy messi miss is best friend because koe man messi will not play with him anymore 😥😥

  • Giovane Leone
    Giovane Leone

    Chukwueze >Messi

    • Gargola18

      Saul makes anyone look good

  • Nina

    Felix >>> Messi

    • eduard morricone
      eduard morricone

      who's Felix??

    • SAL _
      SAL _

      @Marshall D. Teach I 100% agree that messi is better but joao only has 12 starts this season.

    • FLORIS177

      I am a big atletico fan but come on everyone knows Messi is better than felix

    • Nina

      @Marshall D. Teach Messi: playing in a team that attacks and doesn’t park the bus. Gets help from creative midfielders around him while Felix gets less chances to score or assist.


    Joao Felix said/ha dicho: "Cala a puta da boca, caralho" which means: "shut your fucking mouth"

  • Skater Boy
    Skater Boy

    Aupa Atletí🔴⚪️

    • Arjun Pant
      Arjun Pant

      @Abdul Houthi tripps back most importantly

    • Abdul Houthi
      Abdul Houthi

      we will beat Real Madrid Carrasco play

  • Shere Khan
    Shere Khan

    If savic scores this, then the goal of correa against levante must be confirmated. Scandalous we could win this match with the 1-1

    • Sebastian Rodriguez
      Sebastian Rodriguez

      @Abilmansur Omarov He means Savic hand on back. I agree with Shere

    • Abilmansur Omarov
      Abilmansur Omarov

      @Shere Khan That's Savić don't touch him. Pau (4 number) is pushed him to the gate

    • Shere Khan
      Shere Khan

      @Abilmansur Omarov and why ? Thats actually the same hand touch

    • Abilmansur Omarov
      Abilmansur Omarov

      No bro

  • weird Things
    weird Things

    Messi is the GOAT

    • 骆俊昇

      yes he is but really random comment

    • Sofa king Your nan
      Sofa king Your nan

      Messi is the goat,but it has nothing to do with this video

    • kevin

      Why comment this in a game nothing to do with barca or Leo?

  • Bruno Papa
    Bruno Papa


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