Highlights Sevilla FC vs Athletic Club (0-1)
Athletic Club beat Sevilla FC at the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán with a goal of Iñaki Williams in the last minute #SevillaFCAthletic Matchday 34 LaLiga Santander 2020/2021
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  • E1

    People underrate Athletic so much, it's almost disrespectful. They're a great team that can beat any of the "big 4" of Spanish football, and you gotta appreciate their philosophy too.

  • Ali Alsaraf
    Ali Alsaraf

    That’s the end of their title challenge

  • isaac Newtons
    isaac Newtons

    It was literally the goalkeeper vs sevilla

  • Chilagorom Joseph
    Chilagorom Joseph

    ...and that people is the reason athletic club are the only team alongside Real and Barca that have never been relegated from la liga Santander

  • Carlos Roberto Cruz
    Carlos Roberto Cruz

    Sevilla era tu oportunidad por la liga

  • jaime Bm
    jaime Bm

    La liga nos robaste un penal 👿

  • Nj Tmg
    Nj Tmg

    Greatest title race ever 🔥🔥

  • George Pavicevic
    George Pavicevic

    Aupa Athletic🔴⚪️!!

  • Liester 555
    Liester 555

    Hope both team will beat Real madrid, and make Barsa la Liga Winner .

  • Ivan Zovak
    Ivan Zovak

    Sevilla had more chances but Athletic Bilbao scored from one blitz counter attack...

  • Lilywhites

    안 돼 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • Liviu-Aurelian Danci
    Liviu-Aurelian Danci

    inaki williams-EL LEHENDAKARI!

  • Firdavsiy LS
    Firdavsiy LS

    What a reaction showed Bilbao's keeper

  • Ciarli Del Buono
    Ciarli Del Buono

    Aupa Athletic

  • Samandar Khusanov
    Samandar Khusanov

    Sevilla is big and strong team.And they can win Real madrid with high score...

  • Ron S
    Ron S

    SOOO proud of my Sevilla and this season. First time since project Monchi started almost 20 years ago that I see them playing as a big club going only for the win. It takes time.

  • Art zoma
    Art zoma

    Sevilla please win VARDRID

  • Football TopicZ
    Football TopicZ

    Bilbao against Big teams this season: Beats Real Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup 2-1 Beat Barcelona in the Spanish Super Cup final 3-2 Beats Atletico Madrid 2-1 in the league Ends Sevilla streak (8 matches unbeaten)

    • Football TopicZ
      Football TopicZ

      @Akram Mahmoud Nassar Salman I hate them as well but its' somehow "impossible" for them to be relegated they're the only team along Barca and Real madrid to never be relegated their style of football and their physical style is what kept them in the league..

    • Akram Mahmoud Nassar Salman
      Akram Mahmoud Nassar Salman

      I hate Bilbao very much 😡 i want this team to be relegated

  • Mohammed Dahmani
    Mohammed Dahmani

    Sevilla merece la victoria...

  • JohnDaWhale3

    "Spanish international keeper..." This guy literally said that about a Spaniard playing in Spain.

    • ChiefPaddy

      'International keeper' means he's the national team's no. 1 keeper. Not that he plays in a different country.

  • Sergeant

    Iñaki Williams destroyed Sevilla's title chances

  • Wish FC
    Wish FC

    Thei didn’t deserve the win, sevilla was clearly better

  • 십삼인아해

    Hero Willams

  • Илья Лисицкий
    Илья Лисицкий

    Очень жаль, это была отличная погоня за лидерами от Севильи, но поражение когда-то должно было случиться, надо обыгрывать Реал Мадрид, чтобы возвращаться в гонку и выигрывать оставшиеся матчи, что кажется очень сложным моментом. Лопетеги построил отличную команду, но форварда топ уровня тут нет.

  • Postureo Survivalero
    Postureo Survivalero

    Que hace este tío en la liga Española hablando en Inglés? Estamos locos?? Madre mía!!

    • Ander •
      Ander •

      hay otro video en español castellano, llevan haciéndolo años ya jajaja

  • Antonio Rodriguez
    Antonio Rodriguez


  • ataladin 87
    ataladin 87

    son of a bitch robbed Sevilla. But honestly, Marcelino has beaten two big clubs in a row. Give him time and next season he'll challenge for the league. Unlike Valencia, Bilbao are treating him Well

  • Ati 462
    Ati 462

    Gg a los q hayan apostado al bilbao q daban 60 euros por 10 euros apostados

    • Txetxu

      Athletic Club, por favor, no existe el Bilbao.

  • Witek Staniszewski
    Witek Staniszewski

    Noooo pls noo😓

  • Salma Noor
    Salma Noor

    What a Game from the goalkepper of Athletic

  • To ReĐa
    To ReĐa

    🚨 *Messi in 2021* 🔝 24 games 25 goals 9 assists

    • Akram Mahmoud Nassar Salman
      Akram Mahmoud Nassar Salman

      انت عربي يلا

    • Ralf Krönert
      Ralf Krönert

      Lass mi ran ja, sie will ja

  • Charles Dakubo
    Charles Dakubo

    This feels like barcelona lost to Granada. So sad for Sevilla

  • Daniel Fuentes
    Daniel Fuentes

    Sevilla has lost here almost the league...

  • Mick Antonio
    Mick Antonio

    Fc sevilla left the chat

  • Roloviny & Voloviny
    Roloviny & Voloviny

    Bilbao these days 🔥🔥🔥


    Now sevilla has nothing to fight for against r.madrid

    • simo abkhair
      simo abkhair

      They will play without pressure so it's a good thing

    • ataladin 87
      ataladin 87

      Nope, they can still get back in the race

  • Cahinho

    How did Sevilla not win!

    • ataladin 87
      ataladin 87

      They were robbed, How was that not a handball

  • Elton Babayev
    Elton Babayev

    This season is the most interesting season I have ever seen

  • Daniel Rezayat
    Daniel Rezayat

    Real hero Atletic Bilbao goalkeeper Simon , quick reflection, Respect

    • Adnan Orochi
      Adnan Orochi

      This game should of Sevilla accept thé draw.

    • Aquatic Gaming
      Aquatic Gaming

      @Txetxu related anyways chill

    • Txetxu

      Athletic, not Atletico, please.

  • Nicholas Brown
    Nicholas Brown

    Now Sevilla needs to beat Madrid


    Pedir na pule mzr

  • dayumbro

    Ok Sevilla is out of the title race, thank god. I literally thought that they could win it cause they were barely losing any games

  • Hankle Sacks
    Hankle Sacks

    They played well, but it just wouldn't go in ffs. Curse those park bus merchants

    • xebio6

      "They played well". A grand total of three (3) shots on goal in 95 minutes, well saved by the keeper. You can curse the opponent's defense, the ref, the weather, the position of the stars etc, but what I saw was a good team that couldn't overcome the pressure especially in the second half. Great goal by Athletic.

  • Darien Velarde Paz
    Darien Velarde Paz

    Fútbol es fútbol, así se explica la derrota del Sevilla.

  • Jean-fato Mathurin
    Jean-fato Mathurin

    That's the game ,when you missed so much then you lose

  • Ancil Prabhoo
    Ancil Prabhoo

    Underrated fixture

  • محمد علي
    محمد علي

    فعلا أثبتوا أنكم اسود والنعم منكم

  • El Tenebroso Tzompantli
    El Tenebroso Tzompantli

    ¡Llegó su papá el Athletic, bola de vagos!

  • Alvaro Ruben Vera
    Alvaro Ruben Vera

    Well, I guess Sevilla is done.

  • AEzyy

    Didnt know Iñaki had a little brother playing 😲 He was quite good

  • Benedict Chinweuba
    Benedict Chinweuba

    Just wasn't their day Sevilla

  • Laura Márquez
    Laura Márquez

    Normalmente los comentarios son ignorados, pero les deseo que Dios guarde a cada una de nuestras familias de toda esta pandemia que nos tiene asechados ...

    • El Tenebroso Tzompantli
      El Tenebroso Tzompantli

      Er...se escribe acechados. Pero gracias. ¡Llegó su papá el Athletic, bola de vagos!

  • Javier Medina Conde
    Javier Medina Conde

    Ladies and gentlemen there are some new bottlers in town their name is sevilla

  • Hilmer Jose Ortiz Gomez
    Hilmer Jose Ortiz Gomez

    Ciao liga

  • Angel Rivera
    Angel Rivera

    Adiós liga por pendejos

    • El Tenebroso Tzompantli
      El Tenebroso Tzompantli

      ¡Exacto! ¡Llegó su papá el Athletic, bola de vagos!

    • Angel Rivera
      Angel Rivera

      @josee_snchzz02 pues perdieron podían ganarla

    • josee_snchzz02

      Por qué pendejos?

  • EgyptianKing#FSGOUT

    Nice goal

    • AEzyy

      Nice goals by the William brothers , though the one was offside 😫

  • Lawrence Owusu Gyamfi
    Lawrence Owusu Gyamfi

    Just a draw from Sevilla would have gotten me $1,240 , can't even sleep, wondering where Sevilla got it wrong, really sad today, it was the only match left on my ticket of 28 matches, 😭

    • Lawrence Owusu Gyamfi
      Lawrence Owusu Gyamfi

      @Cheka yeah double chance throughout

    • stupid people
      stupid people

      I could have won 1000€ if they only scored 1 GOAL But instead I lost 150€

    • Adesile Kazeem
      Adesile Kazeem

      @Cheka u can already imagine he chose the favorite to win at "double chance" .

    • Owolabi Olanrewaju
      Owolabi Olanrewaju

      Same here, would have won over $300.

    • Cheka

      28 right and only 1.5k?

  • InhAr 2
    InhAr 2

    Unai Simón un crack

  • sowhat sowhat
    sowhat sowhat

    Inaki Williams ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

  • Paul Bertie
    Paul Bertie

    Williams won me £55, nice one lad 💯

    • Ben Ogu
      Ben Ogu

      @Antonio Roman hi

    • Elite Gaming
      Elite Gaming

      @e.fraser I don't bet on a plastic team as well as even if it paid off I will not earn that much because of the odds

    • e.fraser

      Elite Gaming How about if you betted on Man City beating Norwich last season, but Norwich ended up winning 3-2. Does that mean you know nothing about football?

    • Elite Gaming
      Elite Gaming

      @e.fraser if you go bankrupt from betting on football games shows that someone doesn't know anything about football

    • e.fraser

      Elite Gaming If you want to go bankrupt then sure I guess

  • fatih onderen
    fatih onderen

    Sevilla's champion hope is finish 😢😢😢

    • Muti Rasa
      Muti Rasa

      @ataladin 87 Dont make me laugh

    • ataladin 87
      ataladin 87

      So is Barca

    • josee_snchzz02

      The next year we will try again for sure😁

    • Adi Operta
      Adi Operta

      Sad but true

  • Andreas De Coninck
    Andreas De Coninck

    Typical laliga not showing the handball

  • morawy1

    El sevilla por tal de no hacerle un favor al Betis es capaz de tirar sus aspiraciones jajajajaj

    • josee_snchzz02

      No somos tan criaturitas como ellos

  • Andreas De Coninck
    Andreas De Coninck

    How did Sevilla not get a pen look their previous game against granada

  • Andreas De Coninck
    Andreas De Coninck

    Manzano 🤮

  • Andreas De Coninck
    Andreas De Coninck


    • Gonzalo GR
      Gonzalo GR

      @InhAr 2 q impotencia d partido

    • Andreas De Coninck
      Andreas De Coninck

      @InhAr 2 talk English lil goof

    • xebio6

      @InhAr 2 Mil veces? Más bien 3.

    • InhAr 2
      InhAr 2

      Hándicap, tirando mil veces y Unai te para todas. Llega Williams que nunca mete y te la mete a la primera

  • Pm Sn
    Pm Sn

    Common s baby yere

  • Omed Saed
    Omed Saed

    Williams 😍😍

  • James Harrington- Spanish Football
    James Harrington- Spanish Football

    It just seemed to be one of those games for Sevilla, no matter what they did the ball just wouldn’t go in!

    • stupid people
      stupid people

      Because I had them on 3 gambling tickets

    • Dalibor Pejic
      Dalibor Pejic

      Yes. Because Suso is very bad player.

  • Jack Howard
    Jack Howard

    Great goal 🔥

  • Adi Operta
    Adi Operta

    Bilbao so trollish team this season against good teams

    • AEzyy

      they're in transition with a lot of rotation. if the coach can find the right squad they can be more consistant next season. The same process with Villareal

    • ataladin 87
      ataladin 87

      @Adi Operta also, Bilbao just sacked their manager mid-season. And you want them to get top 4?? Just like that???. There's so many things you write that screams *idiot.*

    • Adi Operta
      Adi Operta

      @ataladin 87 Don't call me a idiot I forgot about Super cup this season.

    • Adi Operta
      Adi Operta

      @AEzyy So wierd Bilbao is 9th in table they should fight for top 4 with great young squad and also with some experienced players like Muniain,Martninez,De Marcos... But Bilbao with Marcelino will be interesting team to watch next season. Athletic was struggling with Gaizka Garitano. I remember times when Bilbao played in UEL final againtst Atleti in 2011/12 campain and when they played in UCL group stage in 2014/15 campain.

    • AEzyy

      Bilbao in nice transition adapting their youth players. they ll have a deep squad for a decade

  • don't mess with me
    don't mess with me


    • Biker

      Great indeed . Wish you the same !

    • El Tenebroso Tzompantli
      El Tenebroso Tzompantli

      Pues no vengas a verlo, buey. Te vamos a guardar un cacho para la última jornada, así como se lo dimos al Atlético. Nomás no chilles, ojete.

  • Edgar

    el athletic esta temporada: le gano al barca la final de la supercopa. elimino al real Madrid en semifinales , luego al barca. le gano al atlético de Madrid y puso mas caliente la liga. y le gano al Sevilla que prácticamente no tiene chances de titulo. QUE TEMPORADON DEL ATHLETIC LASTIMA LO DE LAS DOS FINALES DE COPA DEL REY.

    • Cosme

      @Miguel Ángel Heredero hombre hahaha teniendo las restricciones que tienes para fichar jugadores, cuando encuentras uno bueno no quieres que se te pire porque hasta que consigas otro pueden pasar años, otros clubes si se les pira una joven estrella se compran uno de las fabelas, el athletic no puede.

    • Miguel Ángel Heredero
      Miguel Ángel Heredero

      @xebio6 tiene mérito haciendo eso con gente de la casa. Lo único que no me gusta que cuando quieren irse a otros equipos les hacen la vida imposible.

    • xebio6

      @Miguel Ángel Heredero Habrá que juzgar según posibilidades y aspiraciones. Muchos clubes se darían con un canto en los dientes por jugar 3 finales en una temporada y llevarse una. Yo me apunto a eso todas las temporadas ☺️☺️☺️☺️😸☺️😸

    • Miguel Ángel Heredero
      Miguel Ángel Heredero

      @xebio6 a mí me da igual porque no soy de ninguno de esos equipos pero vamos decir temporadon a eso 😂😂😂

    • xebio6

      @Miguel Ángel Heredero Hemoal

  • Marshall D. Teach
    Marshall D. Teach

    What a goal from Inaki🔥🔥

    • AEzyy

      also what a goal by his little brother Nico Williams 😲😫 though it was offside

    • Mohamed Mi
      Mohamed Mi


  • Elvin Caba
    Elvin Caba


  • Elvin Caba
    Elvin Caba


    • Ezequiel Cardoza
      Ezequiel Cardoza

      Tenemos problemas por arriba y quieres a kounde!!

  • Elvin Caba
    Elvin Caba


  • Elvin Caba
    Elvin Caba


    • said zaki
      said zaki


  • Elvin Caba
    Elvin Caba


    • Rafael Ballesteros picon
      Rafael Ballesteros picon


    • s_games_s

      Vamos Barca

    • Leo Messi
      Leo Messi

      Ganaron pero para su casa

    • Luis U. J
      Luis U. J


  • Enes Aydın
    Enes Aydın

    barcelona will be champion !!

    • Enes Aydın
      Enes Aydın

      Pedri and his Dad Pedro visca catalunya

    • Adi Operta
      Adi Operta

      Atleti will win

    • Pedri and his Dad Pedro
      Pedri and his Dad Pedro

      🔴🔵 Visca barca

    • FJ Price
      FJ Price


  • Elvin Caba
    Elvin Caba


    • Faris Eid
      Faris Eid



      @ousmane noureyni dieng obvio 👏👏👏🐅


      @ousmane noureyni dieng obvio 👏👏👏🐅

    • ousmane noureyni dieng
      ousmane noureyni dieng

      Hala Madrid


      Estas soñando verdad hahahaha

  • Elvin Caba
    Elvin Caba


  • Edgar

    sevilla que hiciste

    • J41M3-_-COS


    • El Tenebroso Tzompantli
      El Tenebroso Tzompantli

      Solamente acaba de cagarla. Nada que no se repare en un año.

  • Diego Fuentes
    Diego Fuentes

    chau chau liga dijo el sevilla

  • Jhordy Alexis
    Jhordy Alexis


  • Yahir P
    Yahir P


    • Valerka YouTub
      Valerka YouTub


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