Highlights Real Madrid vs SD Eibar (2-0)
Real Madrid beats SD Eibar at Valdebebas with goals from Marco Asensio and Benzema. The home team achieves their third consecutive win #RealMadridEibar Matchday 29 LaLiga Santander 2020/2021
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  • mmm168

    NO SUPER LEAGUE 💩💩🤢💩🤢💩🤢💩

  • Vincent TuffGong
    Vincent TuffGong

    Benzema will win for us the UCL n La Liga title this season

  • Feqan Game
    Feqan Game

    Eden hazard 🥺

  • נילNeel מקדיסי مقدسي
    נילNeel מקדיסי مقدسي

    i love Real Madrid


    اللهم صلي على سيدنا محمد وعلى اله وصحبه اجمعين

  • Dominic Woodall
    Dominic Woodall

    Jees asensio is a beast

  • pp pp
    pp pp


  • Inzndoor Copi
    Inzndoor Copi

    Barca Barca viva la barcaaaaaaaa

  • Whertfort Raymond Gasprad
    Whertfort Raymond Gasprad

    Finish with liverpool

  • Whertfort Raymond Gasprad
    Whertfort Raymond Gasprad

    That Is my real madrid Next barcelona 4-1

  • HD b4 highdefinition
    HD b4 highdefinition


  • Marios YeetZalad
    Marios YeetZalad

    4 teams battling for first place and a big relegation battle going on. LaLiga is interesting this year

  • aaron

    Benzema is really the greatest.

  • Muma Lovet
    Muma Lovet

    The way Barcelona is playing Real Madrid has no chance in that match

  • Cristiano Marius
    Cristiano Marius

    Vini Jr🤍🤍

  • đạt Nguyễn
    đạt Nguyễn

    Hala Madrid

  • Grim Affiliations
    Grim Affiliations

    Lol did you see that benzema miss? And that almost own goal was hilarious. Y’all will get eaten alive by Liverpool

  • Александр Абрамов
    Александр Абрамов

    Barcelona champion!!! Messi king!!!

  • Jesus Manuel Flores
    Jesus Manuel Flores

    La liGA

  • Ricardo Perez
    Ricardo Perez

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  • 신지원

    에이바르 큰일났네.강등권에서 적신호가 걸렸네.

  • 77 Bokart
    77 Bokart



    Good match✊✊✊

  • DeBuDDi

    nice win, close with atm?

  • Kenny Martel
    Kenny Martel

    Hala Madrid Hala🔥🔥🔥🔥💪🏾

  • Tyler Allen
    Tyler Allen

    Cheaters all goals were offside

  • malik MDR
    malik MDR


  • Kylian Mbappé
    Kylian Mbappé

    Me cagué con ese aguacero y el viento en contra

  • Leart Shala
    Leart Shala

    I hope ronaldo come back to real madrid

  • Natasha Bolton
    Natasha Bolton

    Good win for madrid :) 🙂🙃🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • Elvis Binjos
    Elvis Binjos

    Vamos Real Madrid

  • Marko Croatia
    Marko Croatia

    2:03 Kopiraju hrvatski nogomet. HNTV.

  • Junior Edouard
    Junior Edouard


  • Danya Chmut
    Danya Chmut

    Хала Мадрид!

  • tetsuya naito
    tetsuya naito

    Madrid looking good before the match against liverpool , but same goes for liverpool!

  • Renaldo Matadeen
    Renaldo Matadeen

    Isco and Asensio should be way better than they are

  • LUIS GAMER 444
    LUIS GAMER 444




  • Jack Frosty
    Jack Frosty

    Nice! Hala Madrid! 👊


    Happy easter real madrid luka modricvyour family the best and team real madrid greating from my town sibenik croatia luka number obe🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷😀😀🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷😀😀🇭🇷💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • LuisGar

    Ausencio ha vuelto 😌

  • Not so Ka55u
    Not so Ka55u

    Marcelo back on track, Benzema and Marco Asensio on fire 🔥What can go wrong vs Liverpool?

    • Ju Lius
      Ju Lius

      @RMK YT Jota is a goal machine the next Ronaldo he will shot real to the moon 😂🌚

    • Not so Ka55u
      Not so Ka55u

      @Ju Lius we will see 😉Thats the beauty of football isn’t it. Nothing is decided yet.

    • RMK YT
      RMK YT

      @Ju Lius lmao

    • Ju Lius
      Ju Lius

      The better team will win and this is Liverpool FC 😉👹👺☠️

  • Traore Modibo
    Traore Modibo

    Hala madrid per sempre ❤️💪

  • Melvin Fumo
    Melvin Fumo


  • Sambisco dg
    Sambisco dg

    Good game for Asensio

  • sk 87
    sk 87

    Liverpool are weak on the right. Vinicius, asensio and mendy will exploit the area.

  • Ana Willemsen
    Ana Willemsen

    Hala Madrid🤍

  • ბაჩი კაკალაძეე
    ბაჩი კაკალაძეე

    Marcelo back ❤️❤️❤️🥵

  • Sami Tesfamaryam
    Sami Tesfamaryam

    don`t worry you are gonna lose the clasico my beloved barca is gonna beat your ass

  • Samuel Legesse
    Samuel Legesse

    I am Madrid's fan but i am also Liverpool fan😴

  • Muhammad Tayyab
    Muhammad Tayyab

    Most boring Madrid in decades

  • Suxrob Urakov
    Suxrob Urakov


  • Steven Schunk
    Steven Schunk

    Madrid should’ve won 6-0, those VAR calls were pure stupidity.

  • kayonte

    Asencio maestro idol

  • T-Justice


  • 보보보

    Why zidan doesn't appoint marcelo as left wing?? I think Marcelo will play well than Vinicius Jr at that positon. Though In this game, Vinicius Jr assists to benzema. Marcelo's cross is very good option to zidan.

    • 보보보

      @Pedro Lopes oh, why u think like that?

    • Pedro Lopes
      Pedro Lopes

      u dont know football man

  • Kirk Orlando
    Kirk Orlando

    Watch out Barca Marco is back🔥

    • Victor Carraro
      Victor Carraro

      barca finna whoop your ass on saturday

    • Victor Carraro
      Victor Carraro

      guy scores a couple of goals against vigo and eibar and suddenly hes "a beast"

    • Victor Carraro
      Victor Carraro

      yeah yeah as if barca would be afraid of asensio lol

    • Grim Affiliations
      Grim Affiliations

      I like that you didn’t say “watch out Liverpool” it shows you know they have no chance against them

  • Marshmellо

    Бензема косой!!! Но иногда забивает красивые голы

  • Raphael Jonathan
    Raphael Jonathan

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  • Jose Kess
    Jose Kess

    Hala Madrid 🔥

  • David Sim
    David Sim

    5 offside goals still gets called vardrid

  • alberto perez hernandez
    alberto perez hernandez

    Hala Madrid

  • Agung Setia
    Agung Setia

    Gg gamming

  • Ahmad Al Bakri
    Ahmad Al Bakri

    Congratulations Benzema for winning player of the month on my birthday

  • Mihael Kaloshev
    Mihael Kaloshev

    We need to win in the next games coming. Liverpool is the next on the focus. Let's just pray that there will be no more injuries coming.. I have the feeling that we are damned jinxed.. soo many injuries this season it's damn unreal...

    • Mihael Kaloshev
      Mihael Kaloshev

      @Grim Affiliations Madrid fans love their club the same way you love Liverpool! And by excess, if you mean success you are damn right we are. 13 Champions League titles ( 3 of them in the row won in the last 10 years). The best club of the 20th century should I go further? I wish you good luck though I hope we see a good game.

    • Grim Affiliations
      Grim Affiliations

      @Mihael Kaloshev Madrid fans really love their excess huh

    • Mihael Kaloshev
      Mihael Kaloshev

      @Grim Affiliations Don't speak too early let's see the game first...You talk smack like that 3 years ago but in Kyiv your asses get kicked 3-1 was the score back then. I'm not saying any excuses but facts... We are suffering from injuries since matchday one 51 injuries so far in total to be more correct. From our first 11 probably just Modric and Casimiro didn't suffer from any injuries so far... We shall wait and see.

    • Grim Affiliations
      Grim Affiliations

      Getting your excuses ready for when Liverpool knock you out?😂

    • Queen Festus
      Queen Festus

      Real Madrid winner for ever

  • Serigne Dame
    Serigne Dame

    Real Madrid 💪💪💪❤❤❤❤❤

  • Кирилл Малышев
    Кирилл Малышев

    Кто русский?🤣😀

    • Кирилл Малышев
      Кирилл Малышев

      @Артём К 👍

    • Артём К
      Артём К

      Я. HALA MADRID!!!

  • ricardo chachal
    ricardo chachal

    Grande nachoooo

  • John Laurinaitis
    John Laurinaitis

    Hala Asensio. HALA MADRID! Liverpool and Barcelona. Is Next!


    La liga ESPAÑOLA, narrada en Inglés 🤦‍♂️

  • EgyptianKing#FSGOUT

    Ready for Madrid Tuesday 😈

    • David Sim
      David Sim

      We'll see on 6 april

  • Mohd Uzairie
    Mohd Uzairie

    It must be 3-0 but benzema was offside

  • Aris Supriyatna
    Aris Supriyatna

    Asensio and isco must be in starting eleven continuously, #HalaMadrid

  • Multiyapples

    Great game.

  • Naruto The 7th Hokage
    Naruto The 7th Hokage

    Asensio is getting form back and when he does he’s unstoppable so watch out for MARCO ASENSIO

  • Ben Andely
    Ben Andely

    Hala Madrid

  • Yotsuba Nakano
    Yotsuba Nakano

    Hala Madrid!

  • Lisa Ward
    Lisa Ward

    I just realised that this has like 2 x the subscribers of the Premier Leauge , or bundesliga

    • Drom Assault
      Drom Assault

      @Mohammed Tahid not really

    • Mohammed Tahid
      Mohammed Tahid

      premier League dont show highlights, if they did, then it would be higher that la liga.

  • jagan 702
    jagan 702

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  • sk 87
    sk 87

    Jota might not make the 1st leg

  • Enrique B.E.
    Enrique B.E.

    If only Zidane could talk Vinicius into focusing on giving more asists instead of scoring the goals himself. That would take pressure off of him and before we realize he'd be scoring goals sooner or later. Someone need to tell him he's not required to score every game like if he is a #9, as long as he can provide scoring opportunities to Benzema that's more than enough. I truly believe he can give 10+ assists per season, he just needs to concentrate on doing that more.

    • yussef hazem
      yussef hazem

      agreed if he scores 2 or 3 but provides us with 10-15 assists I would be happy

    • Darryl Tobiko
      Darryl Tobiko

      Needs to take a look at Rodrygo’s composure

    • kgw72

      If Vinicius scored too, some EPL or PSG would've bought him a long time ago...

    • DW

      @Nicolas Morales Exactly

    • Nicolas Morales
      Nicolas Morales

      you are talking like he actually focuses his game into shooting, when its not the case, he just needs to get better at decision making when inside or near the box, and that includes assisting and scoring

  • Ali Hassan
    Ali Hassan

    Hala Madrid

  • Ladi Adewumi
    Ladi Adewumi

    Hala Madrid! ✌🏽😉

  • Yves Manao
    Yves Manao

    C est beau!!! merci ZIZOU

    • Zinédine Zidane
      Zinédine Zidane

      Oui frérot


    Marcelooo ❤ Marcelo vieira - in ✔ Lucas vazquez - out ❌

  • #Wa keur serigne Touba#
    #Wa keur serigne Touba#

    Mi equipo favorito en el mundo es el real madrid nunca en mi vida cambio de equipo y nunca en la vida así que renuncio al real madrid coraje amigos, solo les pido una cosa que vayan y se suscriban a mi canal de youtube y también que activen la campana de notificación para no perderse nada

  • Bervan Atici
    Bervan Atici

    My man

  • Ozkar FRAMIREZ
    Ozkar FRAMIREZ

    Barca va Madrid. Clásico. Madrid vs Liverpool. Big match

  • xyqieriz

    Benzema can't stop scoring 🔥

    • Mary Nyambura
      Mary Nyambura


    • Shashi M
      Shashi M


  • Zanwer Omer
    Zanwer Omer


  • Daniel García
    Daniel García

    Me gustaría saber pq no poenis comentarios en castellano que pasará eso es la liga española?

    • LuisGar

      @Daniel García You Tube está muy pesado borrando enlaces (no "links", da ejemplo 😌) Búscalo en este mismo canal, en lugar de "highlights Madrid Eibar" pone "resumen Madrid Eibar"

    • Daniel García
      Daniel García

      @LuisGar pasa el link

    • LuisGar

      Hay otro vídeo idéntico, pero en cristiano

    • Jose Antonio Delgado
      Jose Antonio Delgado

      @Alejandro Garcia si, pero es la única liga que pone sus videos en un idioma distinto al del propio país, porque la liga francesa o la alemana no lo ponen en inglés? asi nos va

    • Alejandro Garcia
      Alejandro Garcia

      Es un reportaje en otro idioma. No te has dado cuenta? La liga española tb se sigue en otros lugares.

  • Youri V
    Youri V

    Hala Madrid. Let's win against Liverpool and the league.

    • Naruto The 7th Hokage
      Naruto The 7th Hokage

      @Grim Affiliations Liverpool’s front 3 can’t even score against Fulham lmao what makes you think they score on us. They only beat Leipzig because of the mistakes

    • Grim Affiliations
      Grim Affiliations

      @Naruto The 7th Hokage Liverpool’s front 3 will eat you guys for breakfast

    • Jimmy Kimmel
      Jimmy Kimmel

      @Zarkow how does it feel that ronaldo has the same UCls as ur club’s history

    • Rayyan Abedullaziz
      Rayyan Abedullaziz

      @Zarkow Rent free.

    • Zarkow

      @Rayyan Abedullaziz rent free

  • yakubu Issah
    yakubu Issah

    Hala Hala Madrid forever and ever nothing can stop me from supporting you

  • Elvis Tekena
    Elvis Tekena

    Asensio is back the Golden boy is back

  • Life Is My Opportunity
    Life Is My Opportunity

    I lost my job last year during the global pandemic 🌎 I created my channel believing for MYSELF, YOU and the rest of the WORLD🌎⚽️

    • Ahmad Al Bakri
      Ahmad Al Bakri

      Sorry, bro. Should I sub to you to help your new youtube job

  • moise Baledi jr
    moise Baledi jr


  • antar18 antar
    antar18 antar

    Benzema une machine au buts

  • reuben tettey
    reuben tettey

    cant real madrid play two strikers

  • Мурат Алиев
    Мурат Алиев

    Karim Benzema 💪

  • Azamat Yersainov
    Azamat Yersainov

    3 offsides (

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