Highlights FC Barcelona vs RCD Mallorca (5-2)
FC Barcelona's strong win against RCD Mallorca at the Camp Nou with hat-trick by Leo Messi and goals from Griezmann and Luis Suarez J16 LaLiga Santander 2019/2020

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  • Kowxley

    That Suarez goal definitely going to the top 10 goals in la liga this season, could end up no. 1

    • sultan Farros
      sultan Farros

      of course

    • Ran Takahashi 山河令
      Ran Takahashi 山河令

      So trueeeeeeeeeee...that was what I was thinking about...💞💞 I love messi I live suarez

    • Greben

      Son for puskas

    • Marwa Ben Ammar
      Marwa Ben Ammar

      @Vüsal Qocayev uxrhkjs e

    • بارو - Baro
      بارو - Baro

      Subscribe me

  • Leo

    What amazed me was how Messi's goals were almost all top corner strikes

    • Elbyn Mathews
      Elbyn Mathews

      And two of the goals scored here is from outside the box

    • Jingerbelles

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    • Kelvin Riddle
      Kelvin Riddle

      It’s no surprise at all when he does it at camp nou

    • AM Zone
      AM Zone

      Come my channel

    • Asif Jan Afzali
      Asif Jan Afzali


  • Arifidzi

    Messi is unstoppable after winning his 7th Ballon D'or

    • mohammed mechennef
      mohammed mechennef


    • NotaBot

      Hey Ron.

    • Akchaya Thusyanthan
      Akchaya Thusyanthan


    • NotaBot

      @Arifidzi Ron aldo Basten your known as now

    • Arifidzi

      @NotaBot Says the idiot. You're the one who was triggered since 4 days ago. And now messed up with your useless comments in my comment. And trolling people saying Ronaldo's better than messi. Get the hell out of here

  • Henry Windsor Rurikovich
    Henry Windsor Rurikovich

    #forcabarca 💓 imparable y grande 💓

  • Solusi sehat Tanpa obat
    Solusi sehat Tanpa obat

    A wonderful goal... But if it has just felt the break.... It's okay... I have a solution

  • Architect Shinamore
    Architect Shinamore

    It's time we stop arguing if Messi deserved his 6th Balloon D'or, he's already thinking of his seventh

    • Absolute.lio28

      Broski predicted the future

    • Architect Shinamore
      Architect Shinamore

      @Hail 97 I'm no Messi hater, and yes he does deserve the Ballon D'or but I still feel Jorginho deserves it more than him, and Lewangoalski should have won it

    • Hail 97
      Hail 97

      He just got it🥵

    • RoadRage

      @Gwelloboy Everybody has an opinion, with your logic though a Messi style player in a small league like Denmark could win it? Even if they did not play CL. I think that is a bit silly. I stick with CL winner and most valuable player. Either case they should make clear what this prize is about.

    • Gwelloboy

      @najib909 Spurs didn't have VVD and still made it to the final. Liverpool without VVD are still miles better than spurs. They would still have made the final. Just look at how poor Barca's defence was and they still made the semi final

  • TouchGameplay

    Each time people start to arguee if Messi or Ronaldo is better Messi just shows up on the pitch and has another one of "those" Games. That guy is currently in his prime and it will be interesting to see how he and Barcelona will perfom further in the CL this year.

    • Amine

      They got rekt

    • Alistair Watson
      Alistair Watson

      @menas varitimidis full of jelly bacteria them things.

    • menas varitimidis
      menas varitimidis

      @Alistair Watson suarez teeth

    • Alistair Watson
      Alistair Watson

      @Arifidzi ding jun hui goal against Burnley.

    • Arifidzi

      hey! never knew you watch football 😆

  • Ac D. C sama
    Ac D. C sama

    Messi's like "don't mind me I'm just practising my freekicks".

    • ᴍᴀʀᴄᴏ - ꜰᴀɴ
      ᴍᴀʀᴄᴏ - ꜰᴀɴ

      @S You suck at rainbow six siege

    • reda acharki
      reda acharki

      @DRK NSP hahaha cry boy cry hhhh

    • DRK NSP
      DRK NSP

      @reda acharki gay

    • Sergio B4L
      Sergio B4L

      Stephe7V ur probably a Ronaldo fan and when was the last time Ronaldo played good in a UCL match?

    • Jason Rodriguez
      Jason Rodriguez

      Stephe7V literally got a brace against Liverpool with one free kick goal but just keep living in your safety bubble

  • Albert Osei
    Albert Osei

    Congrats to Messi for hattrick. Undoubtedly Suarez's goal is one of the best goals I've ever seen. What a goal!!😦.

    • Jose Gradilla
      Jose Gradilla

      @Anish Mistry Indeed. Wasn't trying to rank one over the other it terms of technique, execution, composure or what not. Both are outstanding by their own merits. I just personally enjoyed the goal from Son more than the one from Suarez as impressive as it was. I've just seen more back heel goals in general and I simply have an affinity for solo goals. Icing on the cake is that Son broke the record for the goal scored by the longest distance Individual dribble. Glad we can have civil discussion amongst ourselves and enjoy the beautiful game rather needlessly bicker.

    • Ciriaco Maraboto
      Ciriaco Maraboto

      @Anish Mistry not to mention the build up play leading to Suarez goal was up there with the best tiki-taka tradition

    • Anish Mistry
      Anish Mistry

      @Jose Gradilla you see theres a difference between how professionally executed Suarez and Son's goals were executed. In terms of like pace, determination and independence I'd give it to Son. But Suarez's goal jaw-drops everyone coz we all know he's got that confidence and skill to carry out such a shot and get a goal out of it. So technically you can't really compare which goal was better overall.

    • Jose Gradilla
      Jose Gradilla

      Indeed a great goal. Check out Son Heung Min against Burnley. It was next level

  • Alex Santos
    Alex Santos

    Messi. Gênio. Feliz por ser da sua geração e te lo visto jogar!

  • Choice Meat Randy
    Choice Meat Randy

    How does this guy generate so much power with his shots? Its absolutely unreal. I've never seen any player do it as consistently as hes done for like 15 years now. He just clips it and it rockets into the bottom left, high or low, it doesnt matter. Greatest of all time to play the game.

    • بارو - Baro
      بارو - Baro


    • Sleepy Estrada
      Sleepy Estrada

      All these Messi fans defending him like that’s their life source. Get off his dick

    • im crackers
      im crackers

      its called practice

    • shadi sm
      shadi sm

      Navjote Singh Raja well dude I heard so much about it it’s a public story tho, if the kind of treatment hormones his doctors used to help him was medically banned then they would have all got faced by charges that could put them in prison and give messi bad reputation like Maradona

    • Dev Shah
      Dev Shah

      Choice Meat Randy no no one knows. He has one touch and shoots a rocket between 2 defenders right into the right corner. It’s beauty

  • Preston Gray
    Preston Gray

    Messi scores a hat trick but L.Suarez steels the show with that back heel goal ❤️

  • TF

    Messi can actually get a 7th ballon d’or this season by the way he’s preforming 🔥 literally one of his best starts to a season in his career and that’s saying something 🐐

    • Abarait nanyamet eng'ol
      Abarait nanyamet eng'ol

      @Joseph Purdue True

    • Joseph Purdue
      Joseph Purdue

      @najib909 I was going to say the same. We all know Messi can do magical things, and he could well win. But Lewandowski has had an INSANE start to the season! If he continues at this rate, he could well beat Messi. I think as a player in general Lewandowski deserves more credit, because he's truly phenomenal.

    • Sadio Mané
      Sadio Mané

      @najib909 so true. I think VVD only has a chance if he wins CL. CR7 is really not top 10 worthy

    • Sadio Mané
      Sadio Mané

      @victor If Benzema stay scoring goals then maybe yes. Hazard definitely won't. His first half of the season was pretty bad(1 goal/3 assists in 15 games)

    • victor

      @Sadio Mané Lets be honest, if Real Madrid wins the CL Benzema or Hazard could get the balondor.


    That Suarez goal definitely going to the top 10 goals in la liga this season, could end up no. 1

  • Justin Buritica
    Justin Buritica

    Suarez’s goals this season have been straight fire 🔥

    • Justin Buritica
      Justin Buritica

      Pedro Bencosme yes

    • Pedro Bencosme
      Pedro Bencosme


  • El Prezze
    El Prezze

    That suarez goal 😮!!

    • mohammed mechennef
      mohammed mechennef


    • M M
      M M

      Darren Mcclean Suarez backheel Way better than Mane

    • Cole King
      Cole King


  • Yusuf Luhar
    Yusuf Luhar

    Messi best player ever, super goals today but Suarez with one of the best goals I’ve ever seen in my life. Goal of the season.

    • M M
      M M

      ToProud ToAdmitMistake good goal, but he literally just used his speed to out run the Burnley players, not as expresive as much other solo goals, where players dribble all defenders and not just run from Them

    • MNM

      @Virginbreaker k shitraj

    • MNM

      @Random guy yes

    • ToProud TooAdmitMitsake
      ToProud TooAdmitMitsake

      @Virginbreaker You are dumb af, stop talking the goal down it was a sick goal.

    • Yusuf Luhar
      Yusuf Luhar

      Random guy Goal of the season for la Liga

  • David Lima
    David Lima

    fantástico gol de suarez, messi sendo sempre genial.

  • HooperjayTV

    Messis goals were majesterjal but That Suarez goal was just unbelievable

  • Mateus Martins
    Mateus Martins

    Messi melhor jogador d TODOS os tempos

  • Fernando Pulido
    Fernando Pulido

    Players with most assist this season, from worst to best: -Cristiano: 1 assist -Ter Stegen: 2 assists

    • Janik

      @Fernando Pulido today cristiano ronaldo 3goals (hattrick) 1assist so haters... Stfu becouse Ronaldo is fucking Machine

    • Fernando Victor
      Fernando Victor

      Fernando Pulido *Yes* 😂😂😂

    • MaD- MullaH
      MaD- MullaH

      🤣 i laugh everytime i see Ronaldo and Messi fan girls..argue..grow some balls and just enjoy the game.

    • Sleepy Estrada
      Sleepy Estrada

      their squad elite

    • Tamunotokini Pokubo
      Tamunotokini Pokubo


  • Hamiisii M.
    Hamiisii M.

    Messi was like me whenever I discover a new shot on fifa and keep using it every chance I get

  • William Q.
    William Q.

    Let's all take a second to appreciate these guys are always able to fit the highlights in 90 seconds no matter how many goals are scored 👏👏👏

  • Leandro Lima
    Leandro Lima

    _Messi é um GÊNIO, uma honra vê ele jogar todo final de semana 🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🐐🐐🐐_

    • Global Cell
      Global Cell

      Leandro Lima IO ko AW Oppo BX pop pun yang bisa Anda dapatkan di dunia

  • Merv Olongo
    Merv Olongo

    He won ballon d'Or then reminded everyone why

  • ganzo

    That last goal by Messi, the swerve on the ball and the speed combo made it one of the most venomous strikes I have seen in a long time.

    • Keith

      That fact he even put it through 2 defenders, mind blowing

    • Ricci meech
      Ricci meech

      ganzo so true

  • samuel

    Suarez joga muito !!!!!!

  • Rogerio Drum
    Rogerio Drum

    Sem palavras para messi

  • Nour Omari
    Nour Omari

    Que Goal de Messi 🤩

  • Freddy 45
    Freddy 45

    Luis Suarez goal

    • Tabita Germain
      Tabita Germain

      Freddy 45 TOM

    • Tamunotokini Pokubo
      Tamunotokini Pokubo


    • YK 15
      YK 15

      That was ridiculous! 👏👍😎

    • Mohammed Us Wahrani
      Mohammed Us Wahrani


    • M M
      M M

      Sinbad 87 who is David Wass? I only know the player called Daniel Wass

  • RealEyesRealiseRealLies

    That first messi goal tho 😍the technique the skill and the fact that his body was over the ball and still hit it with that much power and curl daaamn this man is taking private physics and aerodynamics classes

  • MrMessyb

    What a goal by Suarez!!!! AMAZING!!! And another master class by Messi 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  • Jayden Lloyd
    Jayden Lloyd

    Genuinely reckon he will beat pele’s and bican’s goal scoring record to become the top goal scorer of all time

    • Abarait nanyamet eng'ol
      Abarait nanyamet eng'ol

      @Liquidcadmus People who can't accept facts and are biased towards their favourite current players are the ones who are trying to make excuses on Pele's record. But the record of 1000 goals is known even by football officials

    • Liquidcadmus

      @Abarait nanyamet eng'ol I don't wish anything, doesn't affect me either way. It just happens to be a very controversial and disputed record.

    • Abarait nanyamet eng'ol
      Abarait nanyamet eng'ol

      @Liquidcadmus That is what you wish. But his record is true and acknowledged by FIFA. There was even a celebration for his 1000 goals landmark

    • Liquidcadmus

      Pele's record is not true, he's highly over rated and his record is faked.

    • Abarait nanyamet eng'ol
      Abarait nanyamet eng'ol

      @Jayden Lloyd nope. Pele scored 1000 goals

  • Edward Carlos
    Edward Carlos

    That goal from Suarez 🔥

  • no body
    no body

    Messi's hat trick was just amazing but that Suarez goal was unbelivable

  • Forever Gooner
    Forever Gooner

    Just imagine if Messi didnt miss the first 6 to 8 weeks of the season. This player is special.

  • Zafar Ahmed
    Zafar Ahmed

    Messi is the GOAT all his goals perfect finish

  • Guerrilla

    Beautiful goals by messi and suarez 👌

  • AJ Raphy
    AJ Raphy

    When you begin to doubt what Messi can do when he's with the ball, then just know he's about to show you something he can do over and over again with the ball

  • Ruben Quiroga
    Ruben Quiroga

    Increíble....Messi es lo mejor que el fútbol ya tuvo.... Mejor del mundo siempre!!!!

  • worldpeace32

    Congrats Messi, from Real Madrid fan

  • Albert Chan
    Albert Chan

    So many amazing goals happened this weekend including Son’s goal.

  • Antonecza Rajanayagam
    Antonecza Rajanayagam

    Just awesome goals. Most important detail is Griezmann scored too. FC Barcelona sends MSG

    • kobur

      Adiel Saldana at least dont hate on them

    • Vishal Bhat
      Vishal Bhat

      @Fourmidable Centurions salty

    • Fourmidable Centurions
      Fourmidable Centurions

      Hopefully Barca won CL and not Loserpool

  • Titomate

    Messi is simply amazing!!

  • Luis Miguel Carvalho
    Luis Miguel Carvalho

    Calling it now, that Suarez goal will be goal of the year.

    • Luis Miguel Carvalho
      Luis Miguel Carvalho

      @M M THANK YOU!

    • M M
      M M

      FIFA&PES MOBILE LOL, Son just use his speed to out run the slow Burnley players, only reason people are talking about it, is because it was a 90m run, not close to Suarez goal


      Luis Miguel Carvalho son s goal waaaay better

    • Luis Miguel Carvalho
      Luis Miguel Carvalho

      @Darren Mcclean ok... This is still better.

  • lockstockandburl

    After Messi's first two goals.... look what the goalkeeper does on the third one. He is moving to his right as if Messi is going to go to that corner again. Messi has him psyched out. And instead of going to that corner for a third time, Messi places it in the other corner with unbelievable precision. A total mental game. Love it. Messi is like no one else, combining that mental way of playing with that level of talent and skill.

    • thugalizer

      I was thinking the exact same thing

  • stfn kblm
    stfn kblm

    Love how Messi creates space for his first goal. He's really clever.

  • Hallyson Cavalieri
    Hallyson Cavalieri

    Mano, olha os gols que o Messi fez, parece tão fácil chutar uma bola no gol enquanto assistimos seus gols.

  • Victor Figueiredo
    Victor Figueiredo

    O que podemos falar sobre Lionel Messi? Simplesmente nada,somente admirar e aproveitar o melhor jogador do mundo,um profissional que acaba de receber uma bola de ouro e já tem em números mais de um gol por partida ,não esquecendo da magia e das assistências e a idade e qualidade que tem,não pode ser qualquer jogador, é o the best.

  • Loud Pax
    Loud Pax

    Wins ballon dor then pulls this performance out jheeze all 3 goals were quality

    • Loud Pax
      Loud Pax

      Comment Connoisseur super city 👊🏼

    • MNS

      Gerardo Portillo remember you lost to Rayo vallecano last season real trashmadrid is a disgrace of a club

    • Comment Connoisseur
      Comment Connoisseur

      up the bantams

    • Sadio Mané
      Sadio Mané

      @Gerardo Portillo even the best goalkeeper couldn't stop this 3 masterpieces from Messi. Stop crying CR7 fangurl

    • Kowxley

      @Gerardo Portillo Dude, both Barça and Real have always been playing against teams that are below them, just like in all leagues, now why aren't they unbeaten if that's supposed to be so easy? The teams they're facing are giving all they have each time, they know that they're not as good as the opposition but that doesnt mean they should stop playing and Mallorca certainly was no joke last night

  • Ichsan Firdaus
    Ichsan Firdaus

    suarez goal was kinda tiki taka style, and im truly miss that when xavi iniesta and alves did it trough the goal

  • Ketchup

    We're begging you guys to make these highlights longer. 3 minutes at least.

    • mohammed mechennef
      mohammed mechennef


    • Taoufik Naimi
      Taoufik Naimi

      Ziggo sport*

    • Taoufik Naimi
      Taoufik Naimi

      Look at the channel Ziggo they have 9 minutes highlitchs

    • Jakeh Z
      Jakeh Z

      and you know there is a goal before scoring. Fucked up.

    • Somar Mohammad
      Somar Mohammad

      watch extended highlights on yoursoccerdose or hdmatches

  • Jimmy David
    Jimmy David

    Messi has *sniper feet!* He puts the ball wherever he wants, whenever he so pleases! All these 3 goals reminded me of Figo. He too used to score similar goals.

  • Rafael Souza
    Rafael Souza

    Tenho pena do Barcelona sem o Messi o melhor de todos os tempos 😭


    Messi joga d+

  • Aryane Moura
    Aryane Moura

    É por isso que o Messi ganho 6 bolas de ouro...E que venha a próxima!!!👽


    Suarez goal was fantastic 👏👏👏👏👏

  • DrChambs

    Messi the greatest! I feel happy watching you do what you do best. Suarez goal is super!

  • Светлана Беларусь
    Светлана Беларусь

    Красивейший гол! Супер-супер, это Месси!

  • Like Mike Show
    Like Mike Show

    There is no goals like Suarez goal, he’s the best! Who can do like he???


    Por isso que Messi és o melhor

  • gauthieroland ngindu
    gauthieroland ngindu

    Love you Messi... The king, the best, my bro...

  • Henry Kates
    Henry Kates

    In my mind this is the greatest hat trick of all time in terms of goal quality

  • Alfi Dolan
    Alfi Dolan

    Scores A hattrick After Winning His Six Ballon Dor........Oh My GOAT

  • Madness Gaming
    Madness Gaming

    0:56 How come the ball got lifted like that? What a goal by suarez

    • J M
      J M

      @Oof Bounced of the ground.

    • Oof

      @Darren Mcclean @Darren Mcclean I think Suarez is better, because Suarez chip is way harder and also in a tight space with a hard placement, while Mane is free and just one on one with Foster

    • Oof

      Suarez is playing FIFA lol

    • Hercules Santos
      Hercules Santos

      Snooker shot 😂

  • Francisco Portillo
    Francisco Portillo

    Griezmann first gol reminded me of his time in Atletico 💪🏽😴

  • Đỗ Nam Dương Tào
    Đỗ Nam Dương Tào

    Incredible man, he was unstoppable after all wonderful, Messiiiiiiii

  • Jonathan Kudakwashe Masanganise
    Jonathan Kudakwashe Masanganise

    Leo .. the best... the GOAT..👏👏👏

  • MLG_AntTheGod

    That was the goal of the season by Suarez for sure

  • Zaeol Ngoie Nukulu
    Zaeol Ngoie Nukulu

    Those goals are definitely supernatural!

  • Billy Gates
    Billy Gates

    ‘The greatest there is, the greatest there ever was, possibly the greatest there ever will be’ Lionel Messi 2003- 🐐🐐

    • famili mazon
      famili mazon


    • Law

      @Nismo Cash your clearly a casual at the game..lol. this is why foreigners are clueless when it comes to football iq

    • Patrick Sarker
      Patrick Sarker

      @Nismo Cash on brink of elimination from even qualifying for world cup 2018, Messi's hat-trick got Argentina qualified for world cup.

    • Nismo Cash
      Nismo Cash

      @Patrick Sarker anywhere outside of barca fressi is crap, accept it, 3 straight finals lost while Madrid had 3 straight champions won

    • Patrick Sarker
      Patrick Sarker

      @Nismo Cash He's the only reason Argentina even made it to last world cup dumbo. Go back to smoking crack.

  • Chiril

    Wow Suarez amazing goal!!!!!

  • Ruben Quiroga
    Ruben Quiroga

    Mai visto un calciatore come Messi!!! Il Migliore del Mondo!!!!

  • yaliso gioouy
    yaliso gioouy

    Suarez’s goals this season have been straight fire 🔥

  • Music Head
    Music Head

    Shows his Ballon D’or and shows why he won it👌

  • idrees mubarik
    idrees mubarik

    I will still say each of those messi goals was better than saurez!! How on earth does he make it look so simple!!

  • Chawin Thairungroj
    Chawin Thairungroj

    That’s why he won the 6th Ballon d’or GOAT! 💪🏻 from United fans

  • Rosenaldocruz Roll
    Rosenaldocruz Roll

    Messi o assassino dá pequena área ....Messi.10

  • mark jeffers
    mark jeffers

    Man's a machine best player ever simple..... Genuine genius at work week in week out

  • Tommyy


  • Lord Megatron
    Lord Megatron

    Messi's first goal is underrated af. Such power and accuracy. Curving screamer

  • Mafer Acosta
    Mafer Acosta

    Golasos de Messi

  • GSC1992

    I visited barcelona for the first time this weekend to make sure I got to see messi play before he retires and this was the game I got to see 😄 unbelievable luck

  • Jay Adam
    Jay Adam

    Even in fifa, i'll jump around when i see suarez's goal.

  • Prophet 52
    Prophet 52

    Leo Messi cerrando bocas desde tiempos inmemoriales

    • Nismo Cash
      Nismo Cash

      *cagando con Argentina desde tienpos 😂🤣

  • messi 10
    messi 10

    Messi the greatest of all time 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷⚽☝️☝️🤫🤫

  • Fourmidable Centurions
    Fourmidable Centurions

    According to FIFA, Messi has 617 official club goals in 701 appearances, hence he's only behind Romario (688 in 886 - goals in FIFA-unacknowledged international friendlies & club friendlies didn't count, remember), Pele (674 in 712 - same), Gerd Muller (655 in 709), and AHEAD of Ferenc Puskas (616 in 620 - 3 years in limbo, remember), Cristiano Ronaldo (609 in 821) and Josef Bican (607 in 406 - 1930/40s, well).

  • Alan Castro
    Alan Castro


  • mano gralb
    mano gralb

    How on earth has ter stegen 2 assist

  • Canal do Raul Xavier
    Canal do Raul Xavier

    Messi mito 👍

  • Sardar Andimeh
    Sardar Andimeh

    when Messi plays it's like play station, he makes it look so easy, what a shoot technique has this guy !!! to realize that messi is far better than any player in history of football seeing one game is enough

  • Andrei Simionescu
    Andrei Simionescu

    Can't wait for a barca liverpool game. Such amazing teams 😍

  • Fourmidable Centurions
    Fourmidable Centurions

    Wow, Suarez goal!

  • Thomas

    that Suarez goal must be one of the craziest of all time

  • Man in Fury.
    Man in Fury.

    Diós Messi. 🙌🏻

  • mohamad abedi
    mohamad abedi

    The Suarez Goal was the best goal I have ever seen.


    This week full with awesome goals...son's solo goals, harry kane rocket, messi outside box goals and suarez goals..😂

  • Andre Pereira
    Andre Pereira

    Wow...5 awesome goals

  • James

    Messi goals were awesome but DAMN SUAREZ! 😂🔥

  • 320speed

    This was a great game to watch.

Il prossimo
He did 🥺