Highlights Cádiz CF vs Valencia CF (2-1)
Important victory at home for Cádiz CF against Valencia CF thanks to the goals of Juan Cala and Marcos Mauro #CádizValencia Matchday 29 LaLiga Santander 2020/2021
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    2-1 pour man utd

  • Anil Kumar
    Anil Kumar

    Whole world now know who is juan cala and cadiz fc.

    • David Sultan
      David Sultan

      Black haters

  • Raphael_mushi19

    Wow what a racist goal

  • Desain Rumah Modern
    Desain Rumah Modern

    2021 racism???? No bonafit. No profesional. Sport is profesional work. 2021 racism???? So primitif if you can do it at world live.

  • Abrianto Anwar
    Abrianto Anwar


  • 게르나그네

    who know gang in lee?

  • Sebastian Gonzalez Schwidrowski
    Sebastian Gonzalez Schwidrowski

    If the allegations are true: #WeSayNoToRacism #NoAlRacismo #FutbolEsParaTodos 🙏🏻🙏🏼🙏🏽🙏🏾🙏🏿❤

  • Andri Kurniawan
    Andri Kurniawan

    racism will always be there. for some people, it is just fine and so so. just like diving. it is disgusting, but people keep doing it, in the name of game. when klinsmann played for epl, first season he was so easy to dive. then he changed. no more diving and becaming great striker. some people changed. some people not. like some comment in this section.

  • Medicinal Marijuana
    Medicinal Marijuana

    When someone racially abuse you and the game continues like nothing happened next time brake his fucking legs an smile while he cries that's what I did anyway


    Dove cutrone?😭🔴⚫

  • ZxerK

    Shouldn't Have the players walked off with Diakhaby if there was Racism invovled, the football game is not bigger than Racism, Valencia players should of supported their teamate and walked off also, just my opinion.

  • madeye mason
    madeye mason

    Jesus, as far as I'm concerned they're millions living a dream who are getting upset like teenage girls over a few words. Get a grip is what I say. I'm pleased they lost!

    • madeye mason
      madeye mason

      @Galaxy english?

    • Galaxy


    • beelzebozos

      "they're millions living a dream" ? Big brain wisdom right here folks.

  • Nederlanders First
    Nederlanders First

    The black player think a not good to today jus a say he is racist

    • Galaxy


  • Kirito Suroso
    Kirito Suroso

    Big Respect to Valencia from Indonesia❤

  • Adi Brown Channel
    Adi Brown Channel

    respect to valencia, stop racism!!

  • You Are Nice 53
    You Are Nice 53


  • Mr. GOGO
    Mr. GOGO

    Force à Diakhaby

  • Private Artyom
    Private Artyom

    All this people of color using racism as an excuse and crying for every word. Many things are said on the pitch. That doesnt mean a person is racist. But everyone is a snowflake nowadays. I used to play football and I was being "abused" for my size all the time by opponents. After the game we shook hands and moved on. Snowflake generation.

  • Karel Kramer
    Karel Kramer

    What a f'king baby!! FORZA CADIZ

    • Ajury Diha
      Ajury Diha

      You are right. Forza racism. Racism all the way.

  • Вселенная 2.0
    Вселенная 2.0

    Little black girl again.

  • אופק סמאי
    אופק סמאי


  • ٍبرشلونيه كتلونيه
    ٍبرشلونيه كتلونيه


  • Alexey Sergeevich
    Alexey Sergeevich

    Хороший троллинг , шоколадку обидели, так ещё на 14/88 минутах забили😂😂😂, это Эпик

    • endry endry
      endry endry


  • Никита Макин
    Никита Макин

    Racism on

  • Seven Seven
    Seven Seven


  • ꧁ ᴘ ᴜ ᴘ ᴘ ʏ ꧂
    ꧁ ᴘ ᴜ ᴘ ᴘ ʏ ꧂


  • Dennis Cemagik
    Dennis Cemagik

    I'm from Kenya 🇰🇪 #NoToRacism 🙅🏾‍♂️ infact, I'm on the verge of #NoToLaLiga soon. Me and my friends will boycott

    • Mark Safa
      Mark Safa

      Doubt La Liga cares🤡 Make your own league with your own rules

  • timtooni Abdulai
    timtooni Abdulai

    Uros Racic should be scoring more long range goals like the one he scored againsa Atletico Madrid

  • timtooni Abdulai
    timtooni Abdulai

    Kang in lee is a legend

  • Renaldo Matadeen
    Renaldo Matadeen

    La Liga is crazy

  • Jay B Green
    Jay B Green

    Mierda cadiz 😂💩

  • GearóidODU -
    GearóidODU -

    "The incident"?

    • Sebastian Gonzalez Schwidrowski
      Sebastian Gonzalez Schwidrowski

      So, it is alleged that, after a miss, Cala (Cadiz) called Diakhaby (Valencia) a "negro de mierda" which roughly translates to "shit blackie" - Diakhaby got very angry, and got a yellow card because of his outburst. Valencia protested, but got notified that if they don't continue playing, in La Liga's rulebook it will be seen is as a no-show and therefore a 3-0 defeat, meaning Cadiz would win the game. Diakhaby said that he doesn't want to continue playing but he understood the teams hands were tied and wanted them to play, he was just too upset to play himself, so he asked to be subbed in. However, Cala later responded that he didn't say that, but merely said "dejame en paz" ("leave me alone"), claiming the Valencian defender either invented it or misheard him. He also said that there are no crowds, 20-25 cameras and hundreds of microphones and not one picked it up, which, he said, must at least show that there is room for speculation. He also said he played in Africa, Latino-America, etc. and he also played for charity events, and that he is in shock that Diakhaby is alleging something that goes against his morals. There you go, that's the story! Hope that helped!

  • Juanma luigero
    Juanma luigero

    Vale esta mal insultar por supuesto, pero por una parte no esta del todo asegurado que lo haya hecho y por otro lado, es demasiado excesivo la importancia que se le da a ello...

  • Paka Heredia
    Paka Heredia

    Cala maldito racista

  • KittyFluff Love
    KittyFluff Love

    So many ingorant people in these comments. Yes more and more black players show their anger openly aboot racist remarks. Not, because they think it benefits them, but because it always has been happening and they finally don’t feel like they have to accept being racially abused. Nobody deserves to be racially abused on the pitch no matter if they earn money or do it as a hobby. If these strong reactions make you uncomfortable and you think that black players should stop bringing racism to attention you should reconsider opening your mouth at all.

  • Okky Suhaedi
    Okky Suhaedi

    No to racism

  • Griim_yu_kno

    the fact that cala scored a goal is really fuckin ironic lmao

  • Wake No.
    Wake No.

    Bro, we have become too soft. If the player said something to insult him, then he should ask from referee to give him yellow or red card, leaving the match for that is stupid. Insults are part of the game, just like fouls.

    • Big Am
      Big Am

      Are you black?

  • T W
    T W

    Juan Cala = RACISTA Mudejar. (Mala educada sus abuelos y sus padres (?)). Bien hecho RACISTA Cala....


    La gente le gusta mucho señalar pero por tener no tienen ni vista. Vean la jugada donde primero abre la boca el negro. Primeramente si ahí cuando le responde Cala supongamos que justo en ese instante le dice el insulto pues entonces ahí ya la hubiese liado, pero no señores ahí se nota descarado que ahí no le dice eso. Y qué pasó a continuación? Pues que Dhiakabi sigue, sigue y sigue. Me imagino que lo hartaria y le dijo eso o a lo mejor empezó insultando el macaco y ya por último le dijo eso. Y qué pasa? Ah le puede decir lo que quiera menos eso venga ya hipócritas. Qué sois hipócritas! Y liego encima la que lía el niñito, no veas no veas

  • Death Star
    Death Star

    Why is it racist to say "black guy"? And when they say "white guy", is that okay? Is the word "Black" a bad word? Blm shit if anything

  • Horizo 5
    Horizo 5

    Whenever something like this happens I just think of holegate and firmino nothing happened to holegate after lying about racism innocent till proven guilty

  • oldshumi

    So there was a racial abuse and Cadiz players scored on minutes 14 and 88...I see

    • oldshumi

      @Pablo Schatzky google "Fourteen Words"

    • Leroy TDF
      Leroy TDF


    • Pablo Schatzky
      Pablo Schatzky

      i don't understand pls explain :)

  • Paco Ventura
    Paco Ventura

    Vamooooooooooos a la mierda el VARLENCIA Y EL DIARREAKABI

  • andreas the man
    andreas the man

    The irony is if rasicm should be beaten people should just ignore and laugh and say back " okay i am black and proud ". When it insult people so much mockers will just continue cause that's their purpose with it


      @Dennis Cemagik Because if you don’t know, in football everyone is insulting each other ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Mbappé said to Jordi Alba that if they were in the street he will kill him and nothing happened. It’s so stupid the huge circus they have around this shit (and they don’t have proofs)

    • Raditya Ananda
      Raditya Ananda

      Yeah I'm really agree. If we get verbally abused by racist, we should tell him/her that we are proud of our skin.

    • Dennis Cemagik
      Dennis Cemagik

      Why would you Fucking say it in the first place?? 🤷🏾‍♂️ So you're ljke, I'm going to insult you and i know it's wrong but just agree and laugh. Huh????

    • MaCa Na
      MaCa Na

      How easy is to say it from the other side!

  • Langit Belanja
    Langit Belanja

    Red card for racism

  • bekir dündar
    bekir dündar

    No to racism

  • eRchannel R
    eRchannel R

    No Racism


    Cadiz scored on 14 and 88 minutes, lol

  • Forvaldovic

    The yellow submarine is Villareal!

    • Galaxy

      its given to multiple teams cadiz had the name first then villareal

    • Adolfo Sánchez Saucedo
      Adolfo Sánchez Saucedo


  • Llollito HD
    Llollito HD


  • Hamza Sheikh Year 11
    Hamza Sheikh Year 11


  • 86Smally

    can anyone prove it happened? his word against his unless audio proof or lip reading is available the one accused of the crime is innocent and has no burden to prove his innocence it’s up to the accusers to prove his guilt. If the is evidence then ban him for 6 months throw the book at him but you can not take one word against another, Jussie smollett prime example, what about Tawana Glenda Brawley? so is what happened to nicholas sandmann. Being found guilty by trail of social opinion and the media can ruin lives. It get even worse when the two speak different languages and misunderstandings can happen. In some languages the simple word for the colour black sounds near the exact same as the disgusting “N” word we need to be very very careful punishment to those who deserve it, not trail by media or personal opinion.

    • Sebastian Gonzalez Schwidrowski
      Sebastian Gonzalez Schwidrowski

      @Dragan L He claimed he played in Africa. At least do some research big man before spouting bs.

    • Sebastian Gonzalez Schwidrowski
      Sebastian Gonzalez Schwidrowski

      @Dragan L Damn bro spoken like a person who's never come to Spain...

    • Dragan L
      Dragan L

      @Ajury Diha Cala should go and play in Nigerian football league, and let him say those things there. But he wouldn't because he is a pussy.

    • Ajury Diha
      Ajury Diha

      No we should just erased the rules about race. We need to be able throw the racist slurs freely. It's football, everyone can get mad during the match,from supporters to players. Only weak snowflakes can get offended by this stupid shit.

    • Dragan L
      Dragan L

      Could be impossible to prove. But did Diakhaby just invented the whole thing? Traditionally Spain is the refuge for fascists. One of them ruled until '70s, (Hitler's friend and ally) and half of the country are his followers.

  • Gabriel Evans
    Gabriel Evans

    La Liga threatened to take points away if they didn’t play on, disgraceful from them

  • Concerned Parent
    Concerned Parent

    Cala: you are the best!!!

  • GangThePker

    Players said no to racism then faced the possibility of having 3 or MORE points deducted. So they continued the game. What a joke

    • AhuEditz

      Clearly you don't know what you r talking about. Diakhaby told them to go out and play, they just listened to him.

  • Fábio Santos
    Fábio Santos

    Isn't Villareal the "Yellow submarine"? Why is he calling Cadiz that?

    • James Morrison
      James Morrison

      was thinking that

    • gamerogaitano11

      Im from Cadiz. Theres actually some history to that thing between both clubs. We were called that way originally throughout the 1970s and 80s because we kept getting relegated and promoted back to the 1st div, until in early 90s we stayed in 2nd div and subsequently went to 3rd. Villarreal got more popular during those years achieving their first promotion to 1st div and becoming a very solid team, getting even to play in Europe. Someone would have started calling them the Yellow Submarine (which because they stayed in 1st div and didn't get relegated until as late as 2012 made no sense) and the name stuck.

  • Stiem

    Pero por qué en inglés? Español con subtítulos en inglés sería lo lógico... Sobre todo en un partido con un episodio de racismo que todos los aficionados deben conocer. Amunt siempre.

    • Juliantm Jul
      Juliantm Jul


    • CharlesfromGC

      Se ve que La Liga trata de expandirse al extranjero también. Pero después te encuentras que muchos resúmenes, de las ligas de otros países, no ponen comentarios en inglés o en otro idioma que no sea el autóctono. Ahí te das cuenta de la necesidad de marketing y negocio que tiene cada empresa

  • Izan Aixa93
    Izan Aixa93


  • Blade ManX
    Blade ManX

    15 years after Real Madrid incidents and Spain we are still talking about racism. Europe is not very progressive. Lol..... Embarrassing

  • Rover Waters
    Rover Waters

    he faked racism just like a fault

  • cạo manh
    cạo manh

    the ref sucks

  • Chak Ming Yeung
    Chak Ming Yeung

    Juan Cala is a hypocrite and racist who did not admit what he said to Diakhaby. Shame on him.

  • Estroncio Pirito
    Estroncio Pirito

    Gracia is the worst coach in the entire history of Valencia CF 👎👎

  • Moisés

    Mola, pero es lamentable que no sólo los comentarios sean en inglés, sino que tampoco tiene subtítulos en castellano. En una app española, sobre el fútbol español y perteneciente a un estamento español y que la emisión sea 100% inglés, me deja muy mal sabor de boca. Y no digo más

    • CharlesfromGC

      La Liga quiere expandirse. Es todo puro negocio. Después otras ligas no te ponen ni un solo vídeo con los comentarios en inglés o en otro idioma que no sea el de su país. Ahí te das cuenta de la necesidad de marketing que tiene cada empresa.

    • Oscar Huedo
      Oscar Huedo

      Hay otro video completo en español

    • Ericsitus 88
      Ericsitus 88

      Pienso lo mismo

  • Gabriel Aguilar Rodriguez
    Gabriel Aguilar Rodriguez

    Ese Cadiz weno 😉👍🏼

    • Gabriel Aguilar Rodriguez
      Gabriel Aguilar Rodriguez

      @Ronald Munoz mas vale eso q no hacer nada 😉

    • Ronald Munoz
      Ronald Munoz

      Ese partido lo jugáis un millón de veces y no lo ganáis, un gol de churro el primero y una a jugada aislada al final del partido osea potra al cuadrado

  • Farid MASKRI
    Farid MASKRI


  • Cayetano Inda de Saavedra
    Cayetano Inda de Saavedra

    White lives matter

  • Cayetano Inda de Saavedra
    Cayetano Inda de Saavedra

    I stand up with Cala,

  • Teresa Sola
    Teresa Sola

    Cala debería ser castigado

  • AutomaticSnake

    Yesterday I was Cadiz fan. Hope Valencia get relegated, dickaby sucks lol

  • dj cacau alex
    dj cacau alex

    Jaume k roin eres

  • To ReĐa
    To ReĐa

    #رضا_علي #ToReĐa #رضا #Reda #علي #ReĐa #Ali #To #RedaAli #Reda_Ali #To_ReĐa #ToReda #To_Reda #رضاعلي

    • حمودي / hammoudi xx
      حمودي / hammoudi xx


  • Nelson Ricardo da Silva Duarte
    Nelson Ricardo da Silva Duarte

    What a joke. The guy that suffers the abuse leaves the game but the racist bully can stay playing? I wonder if the victim was a Barcelona or R Madrid player how would the referee have acted...

    • Dam1an

      @Free Cityzen Yeah, another primitive fool who try to see everywhere racism. You wanna punish people without any evidence. Think about your stupid behavior...

    • Dam1an

      No evidence = no punishment

    • Free Cityzen
      Free Cityzen

      @Fábio Santos stfu and just say you don’t care about racism

    • Fábio Santos
      Fábio Santos

      If he was racist and we can prove it he should be punnished

    • Fábio Santos
      Fábio Santos

      But we don't know what happened so we can't judge Cala without profs

  • Miranda

    La liga española solo suspende un partido si le llaman nazi a un nazi... NO AL RACISMO!! #Tebas vete ya!

    • Cayetano Inda de Saavedra
      Cayetano Inda de Saavedra

      SI AL RACISMO!!!!

  • Один дома
    Один дома

    Нет расизму!

  • DJ Vinicinho do Pará
    DJ Vinicinho do Pará

    No to racism

    • Cayetano Inda de Saavedra
      Cayetano Inda de Saavedra

      why not??

  • محمد علي
    محمد علي

    الف الف مبروك فريق قادش

    • SS19

      كل زق أنت وقاديش

  • Jing Kai
    Jing Kai

    Fkg disgusting Juan Cala

  • Bdurve

    The yellow submarine are villa real no?

    • Moisés

      No, Cadiz forever.

    • Miguel Ángel Galán Sánchez
      Miguel Ángel Galán Sánchez

      The Yellow Submarine was Cádiz CF first. The name was given because it has been in every football league in a short time (few years)

    • AutomaticSnake

      Yes Villarreal

  • Emmanuel Robert
    Emmanuel Robert

    Shaka Hislop was spot on when he said no black player is going to accuse another player of racial abuse then walk off the pitch without cause. As for those who say its part of things which may go on the pitch, I've played competitive sport (not at a high level) . Even at my angriest, someone's race has never come into the equation.

    • Emmanuel Robert
      Emmanuel Robert

      @G [] Yep..true as they say, racists aren't born, they're made

  • Giovanny Martinez
    Giovanny Martinez

    Juan Cala stayed on!?!?!?!?!?!? I applaud Diakhaby, Gabriel, and Valencia for their action. 👏🏼👏🏼🔥🔥🔥

    • Big Am
      Big Am

      @gamerogaitano11 audio proof is available.

    • gamerogaitano11

      @CJ 0 if we dont know what happened or what was said, im sorry but no. Racism can go both ways and it's starting to feel like a call for attention lately with people jumping at it for no reason just like in the PSG-Istambul match

    • CJ 0
      CJ 0

      @Marina Mojejeime Whata dumb take, valencia players even stood with Cadiz. Dont enable racism

    • Marina Mojejeime
      Marina Mojejeime

      were you there to see and hear whats happened racism can go both ways

  • บัก ไก่ บ่าวศรีสะเกษ
    บัก ไก่ บ่าวศรีสะเกษ

    แย่มาก นี่หรือลีคคุณที่พวกเราติดตามอยู่

  • KeinPlan Wa
    KeinPlan Wa

    Support Juan Cala - Man of the match

  • Viking Viking
    Viking Viking


  • Cheikh Sougou
    Cheikh Sougou

    No to racism in football ⚽️

  • Fabrício Costa
    Fabrício Costa

    No racism

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    Racism always win at the end

  • T-Justice

    NO TO RACISM‼️ ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

  • SamuelL9L

    If proven, he should be hard punished. But..in this times of this BLM overheated thing any player could anytime blame the opponent with alleged racism, which would automatically mean his team can leave the pitch without points deduction consequences. That would be a dangerous precedent. Of course, proven racist abuse should be strictly punished and is disgusting. @/saynotoracism All Lives Matter @/respect

  • Piero

    Cadiz debe descender por permitir el racismo.

    • TheVenegas58

      a llorar a la llorería


    No to racism. If there was in fact a racist comment from Cala towards Diakhaby, he should get a deserved punishment. 2021 and this disgusting things keep happening. it's unacceptable

  • Dudo Soros
    Dudo Soros

    Spain for spanish !! 🇪🇸

    • Dam1an

      @Brage Ellingvåg ok, snowflake offended by the facts

    • Brage Ellingvåg
      Brage Ellingvåg

      @Dam1an great burn👏🏼

    • Dam1an

      @Brage Ellingvåg LOL your level is below the zero, so nobody can be on lower level than you.

    • Brage Ellingvåg
      Brage Ellingvåg

      @Dam1an I’m not sinking to your level dude.

    • Dam1an

      @Brage Ellingvåg Yeah, you prefer your own feelings over the facts, so you can't even reply

  • Itz Munoz
    Itz Munoz

    Vamosssss Cádiz🟢⚪🟢🟡🟡🟡

    • Itz Munoz
      Itz Munoz

      I am not saying im supporting racism, but i support my andaluz team🟢⚪🟢

  • SOCCER1010

    Kang In Lee is LEGEND

    • 특이점

      야 야 이건좀 삭제해라 ㅋㅋ

    • Mr. Miasma [Lord Pouncalot]
      Mr. Miasma [Lord Pouncalot]

      Did not even play lol

  • Fatal1ty


  • Y. H.
    Y. H.

    All lives matter

  • Максим Маслов
    Максим Маслов

    С расизмом разобрались. Теперь нужно игру наладить.

  • Southie

    Say no to racism!

  • Joshua King
    Joshua King

    Looks like he said no to racism but the rest said we don't care

    • Kristóf Perlaki
      Kristóf Perlaki

      @airsoftmarinesniper thank you man. You are the only inteligence person in this text with me

    • airsoftmarinesniper

      @Kristóf Perlaki don’t worry man. I understand you. The players are forced to kneel. If they don’t, the social pressure against them will be ridiculous. I think that most players just kneel cause they don’t want to be called a racist. I’m sure players are just as fed up and tired of it I am.

    • airsoftmarinesniper

      @AhuEditz racism abuse? Dude you have to have thick skin in football. People can and will say anything to get under your skin. Grow up brother

    • Dam1an

      @sam iroanya "first of all he literally was a white supremacist or else why would his statue been taking down" No, he wasn't white supremacist. You even don't know what mean white supremacy. You are another leftist ignorant who don't know anything about history and policy. Churchill's statute was take down because blm is racist movement who try to find everywhere racism but true is that one and only racist is blm. "he supported the starvation of millions of indians" I'm now sure that you don't know anything about history and you don't know definition of white supremacy. Go back to school and stop repeating far left propaganda lies. "and colombus was literally apart of the group that wiped out and whitewashed native history" XDDDDD Columbus only discovered America. He didn't even fight against natives. You really should go back to history books. "pretty sure the shoe kissing was jokes" Yes, yes. Blm racism against white people is "only joke". But racism against blacks is true racism XDD You are pathetic hypocrite... "ur generalizing how about if i said republicans are racist bcoz ive been racially attacked by them online and in person" Did you really compared small groups of rednecks to big racist movement? XD "how is blm racist if all races came to protest.and the demand list was to show how white ppl can be allys and help out" LOL because people from all races can be stupid racist who support blm. It's good that you mentioned about list of blm demands to white people, because this list show how much racist is blm. www.leoweekly.com/2017/08/white-people/ itmores.info/player/video/kWlr1miApaacn6Q bLaCk livEs mAtTeR iSn't rAciSt "if u actually seen the protests u would know majority of itwas peaceful. and what do u expect" propaganda.mediaeducationlab.com/sites/default/files/2020-09/CNN_Mostly_Peaceful_arson_reporting.jpg Yeah... peaceful protests XDDD "so if they can riot over lockdown then we can riot over our ppl being killed" Yeah, they can riot and destroy cities, so we can also riot and destroy cities... And your reason of riots is very funny. Gangster and drug addict George Floyd dead because he couldn't breathe due using drugs. And now stupid radical people call this rogue as angel and hero XDDD You have super idol. "tell me this if i said save the turtles does that mean fck every other sea country. if i say free palestine does that mean fck every other nation. if i said get well soon to a sick person does that mean im saying fck every other ill person" But blm are call as racist because they are really racists, not due their name. BLM fight with racism against black by using racism against whites. That's problem.

    • Steven Ebirim
      Steven Ebirim

      @86Smally use your stupid head and think about it, why would someone lie about them being racially abused, it's stupid

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