Highlights Athletic Club vs Villarreal CF (1-1)
All square between Atletic Club and Villarreal CF with the goals of Gerard Moreno and Berenguer #AthleticVillarreal Matchday 24 LaLiga Santander 2020/2021
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  • Kenneth Zinke
    Kenneth Zinke

    Did Villareal CF wear their yellow uniforms and beat Athletic Club Bilbao, 2 to 1 on February 21, 2021?

  • CyraxVIII

    Villareal is gay

  • Egyptian King LFC
    Egyptian King LFC

    Gerard can't stop scoring

  • Khan 101
    Khan 101

    Unai Emery masterclass

  • To ReĐa
    To ReĐa


  • Daniel Fuentes
    Daniel Fuentes


  • Adi Operta
    Adi Operta

    This Bilbao squad is so underrated. Williams,Muniain,Berenguer,Unai Simon,Raul Garcia all if them are playing realy good. Bilbao has stronger squad then in 13/14 but they are 10th. Bilbao should be around 4-6th place in La Liga

    • Darren Antolis
      Darren Antolis

      @Adi Operta yea

    • Adi Operta
      Adi Operta

      @Darren Antolis True last 4 seasons Bilbao is just a mid table club. I miss times when Bilbao was fighting for European places. Bilbao even played in UCL in 14/15 season. And they played UEL final in 11/12 season. I would like to see Bilbao finish 6-7th in La Liga. Bilbao can win Copa del Rey as well.

    • Hankle Sacks
      Hankle Sacks


    • Darren Antolis
      Darren Antolis

      Cause they're so inconsistent this season

  • Danny Vista
    Danny Vista

    Came here cos Villareal had an Xg of 0.06 wow

    • Zack

      @Danny Vista hi

    • Dylan Large
      Dylan Large

      @Patrick Kelly Actually no it doesn't, it means that a chance is rated lower by someone who literally made up how many points each shot is worth.

    • Mark Phillips
      Mark Phillips

      Wow really?! Is that the lowest ever?n

    • Patrick Kelly
      Patrick Kelly

      @Dylan Large it means you cannot create chances

    • Dylan Large
      Dylan Large

      @Patrick Kelly It really doesn't lol

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