Calentamiento Getafe CF vs Valencia CF
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  • Abdulrahman Alalawi
    Abdulrahman Alalawi

    This channel is creativity in it.

  • bitegoatie

    This is a farce. Stop fixing/scripting matches. Just stop. Let the players decide matches by competing (at football, not at compliance with league and referee instructions). Then you will not face players having to make up things to do on the field while they're not allowed to score, and you will not put officials in the position of having to make and to defend ridiculous calls to give advantages and eventually the outcome to one team rather than another. Managers and players will not have to explain bizarre inconsistencies in effort and competency from one game or half or minute to the next. And supporters can see real football for a change. La Liga is not alone in this disgrace. All the major leagues have followed FIFA fown this horrid path. What I can say is that after watching football for more years than I care to admit is that while athleticism has generally improved over time, the quality of football - after peaking quite some time ago now - has rapidly declined as leagues have fallen under the current scripted-product business model. The average fan, more interested in the success of a favored team than with the quality of play across clubs, has not yet noticed what is amiss. They imagine VAR and poor officiating of matches or poor one-off performances explain declines in the quality of sport. It is quite general in scope, however, despite bad referees, linespeople, and managers being actual concerns. This is especially true in this particular match, with its indefensible calls, all in favor of Getafe until the unreviewed red card (called from half the pitch away) put me off watching television. The calls, the bad managers (hello, Ronald Koeman), the disappointing players - those do not account for what drags down football. The root cause is the league, the governing bodies, and the owner class trying to shape the game to make it more predictable and financially reliable to owners than an actual sport. This is detestable and it is killing football, in my view. Turning back to sport is the only sane and honorable thing to do. Restore competition before people eliminate your altered, zombie "football" from their money-spending options. "Drama" can be had elsewhere, better, for lower ticket prices.

  • Chouchou 3xd
    Chouchou 3xd


  • To ReĐa
    To ReĐa

    [] *FT [] Sevilla 0 - 2 Barça* Ousmane Dembélé (29’) ⚽️ Lionel Messi (85’) ⚽️

  • Jaime Monge Boticario
    Jaime Monge Boticario

    Mama mia mamá mia mamá mi le licol si doooooo

  • Daniel Fuentes
    Daniel Fuentes


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